Exclusive for The Liaison Collaborative

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and while much of my country is preoccupied with drinking to excess, overeating and screaming at the television (wait, how is that different from any other day?) I have a new thing to share with you from Lalochezia!

The Liaison Collaborative opened today with The Boutique, a collection of apparel, animations, furniture and more. The theme for February is Simplicity — my contribution is a set of 5 simple, relaxed sitting/kneeling poses. Mirrors are included in the pack at a discounted price of L$75, and singles are available at L$18 each.

-Lalochezia- The Blackest Day ad

This set is exclusive to the event and only available there, so pop over and hop on the demo. And check out all the other beautiful items on offer for you as well. It’s a great round!

Visit The Liaison Collaborative


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